Thunder JF-17 UFCP

The Thunder JF-17 UFCP (Up Front Control Panel) is similar in function to the Hornet and Harrier’s UFCs. On the left is a standard numerical keypad which is also used to enter different UFCP Functions (pages, menus) when not entering data. On the center of the screen are 4 green lines surrounded by arrows on both sides by arrows (the UFCP Data Field and Data Field select buttons), you click on these arrows to edit the data you want to input on the data field. On the left of the data field are The UFCP Priority Functions, these enter various functions on the UFCP. Under the UFCP between the HUD brightness knob and the HUD standby reticle knob is a dobber switch that can be used to quickly increase the selected value, for example, if you are on WPT 1 and wish to switch to 2, instead of entering 02 on the Keypad you click + on the dobber switch, and it will increment upwards towards WPT2.

The “Main Menu” of the UFCP is clicked by pressing RTN on the keypad, this will return you to the main page no matter what display you are on. (unless you are entering data in which case it will cancel it). The Main page consists of the current selected Flight plan at the top, in our case FP-A, along with the currently selected waypoint on the right of the FP. Right under that there is the switch between CAS and TAS, (Calibrated Air Speed and True Airspeed), and to the right of that is the AUTO/MAN switch which toggles the automatic sequencing of Waypoints. Then at the very bottom are the two radios, Comm 1 and Comm 2 displaying the current preset Frequency.

Important UFCP functions are:

DST (Destination) is for entering and editing waypoints, top entry line has the current waypoint being edited on the right, and below that are the Coordinates in DD*MM’SS.S, and at the very bottom is the altitude of the Waypoint.

Sets the current Bingo fuel. When the fuel readout reaches this amount a warning will be given. If the Waypoint mode is set to AUTO the EMMC will be set to BINGO and waypoint 50 (Home Plate) will be selected.

Sets mark points. There are two ways to set a markpoint, either via OFLY mode which will mark the area the aircraft has overflown, or DESG which will mark the current SPI.

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