Thunder JF-17 HOTAS

The Thunder JF-17 has a modern Hands On Throttle And Stick system (HOTAS) which means that most control the pilot will need in flight will be kept on his HOTAS, thus negating the need to move focus around the cockpit. The Switches on the HOTAS are either named T for the throttle or S for the stick. The list of controls is:

On the throttle:

  • T1: Select Master Mode
    • Up: AA master mode
    • Middle: NAV master mode
    • Down: AG master mode
  • T2: Controls Countermeasures
    • Forward: Engages SPJ (Self-Protection Jammer)
    • Push: Cages PL-5 seeker
    • Backward: Dispenses Countermeasures
  • T3: engages/disengages the Speedbreak
    • Forwards: Speed Brake on
    • Push: Speed brake on/off
    • Backward: Speed Brake of
  • T4: Radio PTT and IFF interrogation:
    • Forward: Comm 1 PTT
    • Push: IFF interrogation start/stop
    • Backward: Comm 2 PTT
  • T5: TDC acts as a mouse to slew the various sensors.
  • T6: antenna elevation: while in:
    • Targeting pod: controls zoom
    • A/A radar controls scan elevation

On the Stick:

  • S1: Sensor Selection (SS) selects the SOI
    • Forward: Selects ACM mode
    • Backward: Cycle HUD/Center MFD as SOI
    • Right: Select Right MFD as SOI
    • Left: Select Left MFD as SOI
  • S2: Sensor Control:
    • Forward: Increases Display distance and enters Boresight mode when in DGFT master mode
    • Backward: decreases display distance and enters vertical scan mode when in DGFT master mode
    • Right: Change Azimuth Scan range and enters Heads-Up display area when in DGFT master mode
    • Left: in A/A:
      • In TWS, RWS or VS mode: cycles between them
      • SAM mode: Cycles between SAM and NAM sub-modes
  • S3: Weapon release
  • S4: Gun trigger
  • S5: Missile step / NWS
  • S6: Trim
  • S7: Autopilot disengage
  • S8: cycles between weapon profiles

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