Thunder JF-17 MFCD

The Thunder JF-17 has 3 large Multi-Function Colour Displays as its primary instrumentation for flight in addition to the HUD and the UFCP. Each MFCD is fully capable of displaying full-colour imagery and is divided into two sections, a Primary Display along the top and a Secondary Display underneath, sectioned off by a white dividing line. The MFCDs are controlled using a series of 26 On Screen Buttons, 8 along the left and right and 5 along the top and bottom. Control of the image over the entire MFCD is accomplished by 3 rocker switches in the top right, bottom right and bottom left corners, controlling Symbology Brightness, Image Contrast and Image Brightness respectively, and power is controlled through a 2 position rotational switch in the top left corner, initialised to on by default.

Primary Display Pages are accessed either through the Main Menu Page, through the Data Submenu for Data Pages, or using the quick access OSBs at the bottom of the MFCDs. The default displays are assigned based on the current selected Master Mode. Primary Display Pages are controlled either through the HOTAS or by using the 5 Top OSBs and the first 5 Left and Right OSBs. The Centre Bottom OSB is always used to return the MFCD Primary Display to the Main Menu.

Secondary Display Pages are controlled using the lower 3 Left and Right OSBs and accessed through a Secondary Main Menu accessed through the Bottom Right OSB labelled RTN.

Quick access buttons are assigned as such:

  • Left MFCD: CMBT/SMS, unless SMS is selected in which case CMBT/JETT
  • Centre MFCD: RDR/(Blank)
  • Right MFCD: HSD/CLNK

And pages will default to:

  • Left MFCD: SMS unless in NAV Master Mode in which case EFIS
  • Centre MFCD: RDR
  • Right MFCD: HSD

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